What Are Sections?
ACR Sections are special interest groups in Conflict Resolution.

Why Should I Join a Section?

Sections add to your ACR membership experience by providing interaction with members with interests in special areas. Members of ACR Sections fill a vital role in sharing common concerns, forging alliances and developing joint strategies to promote and strengthen the field of conflict resolution. Being a member of a Section allows you to build networking relationships, share ideas, experiences, and challenges and collaborate on issues of mutual interest. ACR currently has 19 Sections, in specialties in the field.

How do I Join a Section?

Download a registration form, Login as an ACR Member, or call 202-780-5999 to sign up. 

Commercial Section

Provides information to ADR professionals who resolve disputes in the commercial and financial services

Community Mediation and Restorative Practice Section

This Section of ACR highlights the restorative practice approaches which arise out of the principles and assumptions of Restorative Justice. Restorative Practices include community mediation in many forms and settings, as well as innovative alternative dispute resolution programs in criminal and community justice-making.

Court Section

For practitioners working in the Court ADR programs

Crisis Negotiation Section

Helps you develop advanced skills in de-escalating high conflict interactions

Education, Research, & Training Section

Education: Supports ADR practitioners from preK-12 to higher education settings. Research: Provides a forum for exchange of ideas from all fields of conflict resolution research, practical applications and new ideas. Training: Facilitates design and presentation of cutting edge programs that enhance trainer and training system development.

Elder Decision Making & Conflict Resolution Section

Supports your ADR practice to the elderly, their families and public/private service providers

Environment and Public Policy Section

Promotes development of environmental and public dispute resolution programs

Family Section

Provides support to a wide range of family mediation fields

Healthcare Section

Assists members in educating the public and the health care industry on ADR practices and offers a Health Care Section Help Line

International Section

Works to make nonviolent dispute resolution processes available throughout the world

Online Dispute Resolution Section

Explore the use of online technology in resolving disputes

Restorative and Criminal Justice Section

Shares information about innovative programs in community, criminal and restorative justice

Spirituality Section

Our vision: a dream of peace, an intention to make a difference in the world, and a desire to help others

Workplace-Ombuds Section

Represents ADR professionals in both labor and employment settings and offers a “one-stop shop” for Workplace ADR training opportunities